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Mike Dillard – And Whether You Should Unfollow All Your Twitter Followers…MySpace Friends…Facebook Buddies…YouTube…you get the idea!03.29.09

A friend of mine recently sent me this message:


> Just to let you both know that I’ve just deleted all marketers from my
> Myspace members – so it’s nothing personal. I’m trying out Mike Dillard’s
> new tactic of getting rid of anyone that’s not a potential client ( don’t
> know if you saw his autoresponder or not ).
> Just thought I’d try it to be different, so don’t be offended!


Here’s my response:

I believe Mike Dillard was talking about twitter.  His point was that he couldn’t keep up with all the tweets being sent out by the 10,000 + people he was following.  He ascertained that, if people really cared about what he had to say, they’d keep following him regardless.  This is a somewhat good tactic for twitter for a variety of reasons.  First, if only people who actually care follow you, they’re likely to be more responsive.  Second, Mike Dillard is well-known, and will acquire followers no matter what.


Now, let’s think about it from our perspective.  We’re not extremely well known in this industry.  If anyone other than our team members and close friends follows us, it’s either because a) they happened to see our tweets re-tweeted by someone else and thought we were cool or b) they’re following people en masse just to get followers.

Fact is, if you don’t start following people – and following people BACK on twitter – you probably won’t get very many followers…those who follow may eventually unfollow when they see you didn’t return the favor.  The good about that is that only people who really truly care what you have to say will be following you (a more responsive list).  The bad part is that the less followers you have, the less likely you are to get responses & retweets, and the less likely other people are to find you.


Okay, now let’s take that to facebook & MySpace, YouTube, and so on.  All of these sites have really one main point when it comes to network marketing – and that’s networking; connecting with people in a non-business way.  It’s like going to a party and saying “hi” to many people, chit chatting, hanging out with those whose personality you enjoy…  Eventually, you start to get to know a few people better, and you invite them to your “home” – your blog.  That’s where they can learn even more about you.  From there, if they’re in need, and you can help, you send them to your sales page.

Now, who exactly are the kind of people you resonate with – who would resonate with you – and who might become your leaders (in your downline) one day?  The network marketers!  You’re new to it now, but eventually, you’ll be coming out with your own products and ideas and things that people who are already marketers will be interested in.  And who to resonate with better than someone who does the same kind of thing you do?

Mike Dillard’s method works for Mike Dillard.

That’s how I see it.

What do you think?  Click on “Comment” and let me know!

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Advanced Google Operator – site: – and Blog Post Tags03.28.09

Hey guys,

I was playing around on Google & Yahoo, using some advanced operators, when I suddenly realized something important.

Using the ‘site’ operator lets you see how many pages your website has. For example, let’s say I wanted to see how many pages there are on this site, I’d type in, “” in Google search and hit enter.

Now, when I first did this, I had 86 pages listed on Google. I was thinking, “damn I’m good.” 😉

Then, as I scrolled through the posts, I noticed that WordPress was showing me the same page over and over sometimes – under different TAG directories.

So, if i had a post that used the tags “make money online” and “affiliate commissions,” Google showed the same post twice, once under a directory called /tags/affiliatecommissions/, and again under /tags/makemoneyonline.

So I thought I’d give something a try. I went into my admin panel for my blog, and added tags for the newest post I’d added. Then, I repeated the Google search using the ‘site’ operator.

Lo and behold, my pages went from 86 to 145.

Why does that matter? Good SEO.

Plus it’s super-cool to have lots of pages on your site.

So if you have a blog, make sure you add related tags to each of your posts. And of course, be reasonable – if you’re blogging about fish, don’t add a link about cats 😉

…if you liked this post…if you hated this post…if you have some other feeling about this post that can’t be stated…leave a comment!

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How Do I Close or Convert Traffic To Sales / Signups?03.28.09

My friend James Busé wanted to know how to close sales.  He’s gotten very good at bringing traffic to his websites, but his conversion rates…well…they kind of stink!

Listen to this audio to learn about a few ways to convert traffic to sales.

A few things I mentioned are:
Preselling – letting people know where you’re sending them & why by writing a story they can relate to.
Building a List – collecting email addresses so that you can contact people who don’t convert right away and possibly convert them at a later date when they’re ready to buy.  A good tool for this is aweber.

Remember to leave comments below, and if you found this helpful, do a little bookmarking 🙂

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