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In a Tough Economy, Where Does The Online Gold Come From? Helping Offline Small Business!04.09.09

About a month ago, the studio where I practiced Muay Thai three to four times a week for over 10 months suddenly closed its doors and went out of business.Muay Thai

Initially, it was a big shock to me.  How could this place I have been relying on for my stress relief, for my health, a place I imagined myself being a part of for years and year to come, suddenly disappear?

But then I realized how normal this was in our current economy. In fact, if you haven’t already opened your eyes to it, go for a quick drive in your neighborhood and see how many businesses are closing their doors, having “going out of business” sales, or just starting to look a bit run down.  And how many of your friends and colleagues were recently laid off because their employer can no longer afford to keep them?

Going Out Of BusinessHow is your local laundromat doing?  Gas station?  Pizza shop?  Doctor?  Can you imagine having to go out and find a new dentist, after having gone to the same one for over 20 years?

The good news is that in this economy, internet marketers are making a killing.  Network marketers are doing particularly well – and is it a wonder, with so many people losing their jobs and looking for a way to keep their heads above water?

But here’s the deal.  There’s a certain code of ethics I believe every online marketer should follow.  Online marketers are, after all, entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs excel at filling a need of some sort.  Right now, the greatest need involves your local area businesses.

If I had just opened my eyes a little bit, I would have seen my teacher’s struggle, and I could have helped keep him stay afloat.  In short?  I feel guilty, knowing that I had the skills to help, but didn’t.

That’s why I am now actively going out and seeking small businesses in my neighborhood, and offering them a solution to the economy.  A website, a way to attract customers online, multiple organic (free) listings on page one of Google, a database of customers to follow up with…a way to stay afloat.

Of course, being me, the big note-taker, I would never go out and offer a service without Liane & Howiebeing sure I am doing the best that I can.  That’s why I’m involved in two training programs.  The first is IM Leadership, which is run by Howie Schwartz – someone who has taught me 80% of what I know about online business.  The IM Leadership program teaches you how to do everything I mentioned above, and more.

Liane & MarkThe second is the Offline Gold Summit.  Mark Ress, one of the founders of this upcoming summit, has given me so much incredible information for free that I could probably write 10 eBooks and make a killing selling everything I’ve learned from him.

Look-  right now, offline businesses are suffering.  I believe it is our duty as internet marketers to open our eyes and look around the real world.  Just because we’re making a killing online doesn’t mean everything is good around us.

If you’re ready to help – and I hope you are – the quickest way to brush up on your skills and learn how to help people is to attend the Offline Gold Summit. Go there as soon as you finish reading this post, and read about all the presenters, and all the incredible bonuses that are being offered.  And sign up.  When you return home, you’ll be making anywhere from $500 to $2500 per month per client – and you’ll help stimulate your local economy.

If you prefer to stay home, I highly recommend Howie’s Apprentice.  I can’t promise that it’s still open, as training has already started, but it’s worth a shot.

Don’t wait until the economy affects YOU to open your eyes.

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