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Google Offers Definition for Search Term08.18.09

As the headline reads, Google now has the option to define the term you were looking for…

If you type in a longer phrase, google won’t show [definition] but will in fact link to the definitions of the words it underlines.

This can be used for a variety of purposes.  You can use it to speed up your definition searches, or for more complex tasks like keyword research.  Resources like this can help you come up with related terms to include in your campaigns, as well as negative keywords for your payperclick (PPC) campaigns.

Try it out & let me know how you used it.

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Warning: You Won’t Be Able To Resist08.11.09

You’ll understand that warning in just a moment.

Earlier today…
MUCH earlier today…
actually, at this point it was yesterday – 12 hours ago to be exact –

My good friend Thomas contacted me on Skype. I had gotten in from a 5-mile-or-so bike ride a few hours earlier and was sitting down to work, making phone calls, contacting clients, and speaking with the Assistant Superintendent of the school where I teach ESL – but more on my impending resignation later. I managed to fire one of my clients before I got Thomas’ request to “spam” me.

Anyway, let’s get something straight. I’m super focused. I set goals, and I reach them. I’ve been pitched to countless times, probably just like you, often by amazing people who I know I would love to work with. Yet I always find a way to stay focused on what I’m doing. So unlike hundreds of people I know, I market exclusively ONE business opportunity. It works.

But sometimes, no brainers happen.

This was one of those times.

You probably already know that it takes money to run business. Takes money to make money. That sort of thing. And when you’re in high-end sales like I am, sometimes you need a few k to get a good return. PPC is king when you can fund it properly.

So when Thomas offered me a way to fund my PPC campaign – I couldn’t resist.

Here’s how it went down.

An MLM company started in the UK.  It spread like wildfire – all over Europe, India and China.  The company paid out millions in commissions.  And then someone in North America managed to get in touch with one of the shakers in Germany.

The company’s site was not yet set up to accept orders from the US, but they somehow managed to work out a deal to purchase the guy’s vouchers in order to start a downline here in the US.  And start a downline they did.

I managed to get my hands on one of those vouchers.  20 minutes later, I was already bringing my own set of leaders in.

Here’s why this MLM is so irresistable:

1. It’s a ONE TIME $250 fee to start. And no monthly. $250, one time, and you’re in for good.

2. It’s a revolving matrix that pushes you up. Bring in two people (or heck, get two rollovers from your upline) and you’re qualified. Make it through the first matrix and you make your investment back – plus $250 in vouchers that you can use to start yourself another position.

3. Once you make it through the first matrix (or board), you’re in for good. You get moved over to another matrix where you cycle endlessly. And when you finish THAT matrix – every time you cycle back to the bottom – you get $15,000 – $10,000 cash, and $5,000 in vouchers (for travel, re-entry into the matrix, etc.).

I didn’t find out about all the other bonuses (laptops, cars, private jets…) until after I joined.  I didn’t need to.

All I needed to know was that I was working with an incredible group of people.  And that we were all committed to bringing only the best of the best to our team – the movers and shakers.

Are you a mover & shaker?

If so, you’ll find a way to reach me.


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