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Do You Need a Note For Work?03.29.10

I am sitting in a clinic in NJ waiting to get a chest x-ray. I should have been out in San Francisco, waking up in my hotel room and getting ready for two awesome days helping my client SEO their new website…but what are you gonna do?

My mother and sister, currently in Israel for the holidays, called me and begged me to cancel my flight – as did my wife. And who wants to be around someone who’s coughing and wheezing, right?

To top things off, US Airways refused to issue a refund for my flight…that’s $800 down the drain 🙁

But all’s not bad, and believe it or not, I set off to write this post on a positive note.

For one thing, I’ll be able to still work with my client and her team remotely. Nowadays, all it takes is some webinar software and a teleconference line. Hey, I do webinars all the time anyway – and if you’re reading this post, chances are you’ve been on one.

But the best thing has nothing to do with work, or clients, or money, for that matter.

I’m feeling ickier than I’ve felt in years, but for the first time in my life, I was able to say “no” when the doctor asked me, “do you need a note for work?”

Actually, it kind of made me laugh.


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Why Ryan Lee’s Continuity Summit II Was Different03.10.10

So…I went to Ryan Lee’s Continuity Summit.  Despite my wife’s complaints that I’ve been traveling too much lately, I got in the car and drove the whole…2 1/2  hours to Stamford, CT.

Now, Donna (my wife) had a couple of other issues she was worried about (other than me being away when she’s actually home).  So when she called me on the first day of the event, she said something along the lines of…

“I don’t want you getting into yet another thing when you haven’t even finished working on X.”
Translation: “you’d better not lose focus!”

And I couldn’t agree with her more.

See, if you’ve been to enough events, you’ve probably experienced something similar.  It seems like every single speaker tries to pull you in a different direction, sell you something else.  One says you’ve got to be doing video and need her product to learn social media the right way.  Another says that without his course you’ll never get your website up…sound familiar?

ConfusedYou come out of those events not knowing which way is up.  You even start to question yourself…”Have I been doing it wrong this whole time??”  Sometimes, you lose sight of what you were actually trying to accomplish in the first place, and you get scattered.  Or worse, you come out with 4 expensive products you probably didn’t need in the first place, and there’s no time left to study the materials, much less put them into action!

Then, there’s the blatant competition amongst participants.  Either a bunch of people who want to talk you into joining their business opportunity, or a bunch of people in your opportunity who are doing their best to keep secrets to themselves.

See, the problem with these events is that most people there are there because they’re looking for a way to “make money online.”

But Ryan Lee’s event was pleasantly different.

Sure…there were the speakers who came on stage with the intention of selling.  And many used pressure tactics (“…only for the next 10 minutes, then the price goes up…”).  But the difference was that they gave REAL content.  The juicy stuff you can take home and work with.  AND…

Get this.

The entire 1000+ person crowd was most interested in something like this:

(drumroll, please….)

1. “how can we work together?”
2. “what can I do to help you move your business forward?”

…and at a deeper level:

3. “how can I take my passion and turn it into a profitable online business while helping others?”

And that’s why, for the first time in the history of me attending live events, rather than coming out with products I didn’t need, or a feeling of failure, I came out empowered.  I came out with new clients.  New skills to use.  I came out with incredible ideas that I have already started putting into use (and that aren’t taking me away from my focus).  And I came out with potential JV partners, and new friends in the industry.  A new understanding of what it means to run an online business.

I learned from people like Yanik Silver and Tim Paulson how to charge more for my products and services.  I learned how to take one information product and turn it into at least 6 or 7 other info products (thanks, Jerry Clark).  And I learned all about the psychology of sales pages, and how to increase conversions (thanks to Chris Haddad).  With the training of Ryan Lee himself, I came out with a 24-hour blueprint to creating a continuity site (it’s easier than you think!).  Finally, I actually learned 4 new powerful traffic tactics.  Yep, ME, the traffic queen.  Tactics from Chris Farrell I had never heard of before.  (Now THAT is unheard of!).

And I actually found increased focus, thanks to Ryan Lee’s “idea joggers.”  These were a group of coaches who sat in the back of the room and spent time with as many people as they could helping them get a clearer picture of what they were passionate about…and how they could turn those passions into a business.

(A special thanks to Jillian, even though she did call me a “plastic face.”) 😉

By the way, I especially enjoyed the 1-hour “speed networking,” even though I did just about lose my voice towards the end.  I would recommend making 300-or-so copies of your “calling card” rather than the 1,000 I made, though.

(Here’s the one I used)

About Me

So…would I recommend Ryan Lee’s Continuity Summit next year?  You betcha.  I’ll be there, notebook and pen in hand.

And until then?  Howie Schwartz’s Sustainable Traffic Workshop is coming up next week.  I’m looking forward to hanging out with the other project managers, and especially to presenting.

We’ll be talking about Mobile Marketing (which is quite possibly the hottest thing for local businesses right now), and about many other money-making marketing tactics.

I hope to see you there 🙂

But if not…check back here for an update.

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