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Building an Internet Marketing Business: Morals05.31.10

I’ve been putting some thought into my business-building tactics. My MLM business has always been second to anything else I’ve done online. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not that it has no potential, or that I don’t believe in it; that couldn’t be further from the truth…

It’s just that I have a problem selling things to people who will never use them.

Yep, you’ve heard the statistic, right? 97% of those who start in online business fail. They don’t only fail; they fail miserably. They fail to make money online, and on top of that, they lose money buying useless courses. Worse yet, they buy awesome IM courses and never take the time to try out the techniques they learn.

My team members tell me I have no business sense. If you want to make money, you gotta sell, and if Joe Schmoe doesn’t take action, that’s his problem.

I beg to differ: I call it morals. Sorry, but if you’re not going to use a powerful, high-end product, I’m not going to sell it to you.

I flew to California this Memorial Day weekend to go home-searching. My wife & I decided to make a move to the bay area. The flight was long, and I had some time to reflect. I’ve always wanted to share my MLM business with others, but it’s difficult to know who will actually succeed and who won’t.

That’s why I came up with the idea of free internet marketing training.

Every Monday, I’m going to start giving free IM webinars for online marketing beginners. Then, I’ll give another webinar – day of the week yet to be decided – for those who are more advanced. People who make an impression on me (because they’re there every week, and because they apply what they learn) will receive an invitation…

Does that make business sense?

If you’re interested in the free training, bookmark this page. I’ll place a sign up link on here soon.

Peace out for now. 🙂

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