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How to Remedy Procrastination and Bad Time Management06.21.10

I got an email today from one of my list members asking a question about how to improve his time management.  He’s a Doctoral student and finds himself procrastinating a whole lot, which causes him to have less-than-stellar results in his research and studies.

Normally, I would just respond and leave it at that, but I thought other people could benefit from this answer.

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Right now I am a researcher in university and I will start my PhD here on Sept.
I’m addicted to internet and checking my emails and doing some unnecessary issues in internet.

Therefore I couldn’t spend enough time to read the books. I just collect the needed information without referring them to, at the last seconds I do all tasks in mediocre and finally, I have mediocre results.

My results are not bad but I know that It could be better and better.
I don’t know how can I change my bad manners.



Hey Ali,

An easy way to remedy this is to set goals, and milestones.

Pick a goal for your studies.  Then, cut it into milestones, or separate tasks that would get you to your goal.  Finally, determine how long it takes to do each task, and plan accordingly.

As an example:

Goal: write 20-page research paper on topic X
1. Collect pertinent research on topic X. Review research and write up 5 possible theses.
2. Begin to organize chapters.
3. Write chapter 1…
4. Write chapter 2…
(all chapters)
5. Select final thesis, write intro.
6. Re-read and revise.
7. Edit & publish.

Time to complete each task:
1. 5 hours
2. 2 hours
3. 2 hours
4. 3 hours
5. 2 hours
6. 1 hour
7. 2 hours

TOTAL: 17 hours.

Today’s date: June 21, 2010
Due date: July 30, 2010
Weeks left: 6
# hours needed on a weekly basis: 17/6 = approximately 2.8, or 3 hours.
Doesn’t seem like much, does it?

That’s it!  Then you only need to set aside 3 hours per week to focus on this work.  You can do that every Monday from 3-6, every Wednesday, or whenever you just want to sit down and focus.  Get it done before anything else, and then continue to do fun things, like surfing the net or checking your emails.

You can use this for anything. For instance, I use this method for my online business.  I set goals for different projects, and I make sure I can reach them by separating big things into little tasks that can actually be completed in a few hours.  Sure makes things easier to deal with, and gets rid of the overwhelm you often get with large projects that causes you to procrastinate.

Hope that helps!!

🙂 Liane

Oh – found this hilarious-yet-true procrastination flow chart…is this you? (Click to see it larger…)

procrastination flow chart

Procrastination Flow Chart

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SiteFling’s 90 Day Challenge (Justin Brooke)06.15.10


When I first started this blog, I had just started a 90 Day Challenge with Dennis Karganilla and Jimmy Davis. For 3 months, I pushed myself beyond my limits, and brought myself to a place where I could quit my job and work for myself, full time from home.

Recently, I’ve come to realize that this self-challenging is what makes people successful.  My friend Donovan calls it “CANI – constant and never-ending improvement.”  I call it “busting through brick walls.”

Basically, it’s doing more than you think you can – forcing yourself to power through until you reach your goal, or until you do what you or someone else has challenged you to do.  And I could give you at least 100 stories about that –

Like the time I copied the Wall Street Journal sales letter 7 times over by hand because I wanted to improve my copywriting skills.  My hand was hurting after the first page! But I kept going, and I made an effort to make each copy neater, cleaner, with less errors…

Or we could go way back to when I was in the Army, and was told to run four miles.  Four miles?  Puleez!  I was out of breath after 3 steps!  But guess what?  I did it.

Or that time I jumped my first set of stairs on my rollerblades, at 12.  It didn’t seem so hard to repeat after that.

Every day, I push myself and challenge myself to do more than I did before.  And when my mind says, “time to quit,” I say “keep going!”

That’s why I decided to join Justin Brooke’s 90 Day Challenge.
Justin’s a cool guy, he gives great advice, and he KNOWS online marketing.  So I trust him to point me in the right direction.

And if you’ve read this far into my post…you’re probably ready for a move in the right direction.

So I’m gonna do something – a little “extra” to help you get started.
Check my blog for regular updates on the challenge, and little bonuses – like this worksheet (click to download) to help you get through day 2 of the challenge.

Oh – and of course, here’s where you sign up for the challenge:
SiteFling’s 90 Day Challenge
See you there!

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