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Happy Thanksgiving…Here’s A Letter To YOU!11.24.10

Since we kinda know each other…I thought you’d appreciate this 🙂

But first –

If you’re in the United States –

Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

I love Thanksgiving.  I didn’t always celebrate it (as a kid, I lived in Israel, where the holiday doesn’t exist!), but it was one of the easiest holidays to assimilate into…


Because it feels GOOD to feel grateful.

Grateful to the people in my life who allow me to live the way I do.
To my family,
My friends…
My masseuse (ok, so I’m a little spoiled!)…
And to my yoga teachers, who allow me to live life with so much contentment.

And even to some people I’ve never even met!

And most importantly, to my friend Howie, who you may or may not know…

He’s the reason that I was able to get my online business profitable.  So I thought it was very appropriate that he sent this promotion out during the Thanksgiving holiday:

How I Quit My Job

Listen around minute 6-7…you’ll hear my “top secret” tool for online success.
It’s worth a listen-to just for that.

On a more serious note…as you’ll hear me explain in the video, I started my business by chance, just looking for a part-time job…

and it was Howie’s Apprentice that brought me to the next level – and allowed me to stop working for someone else.

Stop worrying about bills.

About being “on time” for work.

Being responsible for someone else’s success instead of yours.

This is the last Apprentice.  Your last chance to make a huge change in your life and in your online business.

Watch the video & click the link to fill out your survey.

See how I did it:

How You Can Be A Success Story Too

Oh yeah – one more thing…make sure you check out the main page, and get your free content from Howie here:

********Free Content From Howie (different link!)

By the way, YES, I am still a project manager in Howie’s Apprentice.  I’m really looking forward to working with you!

Thanks for being YOU,

🙂 Liane

P.S. – I’m grateful to you for being part of my life.  For being here to share this moment with me.

P.P.S. – This is the last time this life-changing course is being offered.  Don’t miss out on your chance to have something huge to be grateful for.

Something to be Grateful for…

P.P.P.S – Oh, yeah…you might just get a chance to meet me in person…make sure you fill out the survey for the opportunity…

P.P.P.P.S – (Yeah, I know that looks ridiculous already).  But…would you mind sending me a quick email leaving a comment here and telling me what YOU’RE grateful for?

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Allstate Insurance Marketing Failure11.05.10

I spent some time at Adtech NYC last week. We had a table set up for OfferMobi (#1356), and I got to talk to literally hundreds of advertisers, affiliate managers from CPA networks, affiliates, cool people…

One of the highlights for me was meeting Jonathan Mizel. My buddy Donovan told me he was a cool guy, but hearing about it & experiencing it are two different things. (Translation: he’s a really awesome guy).

I’ll upload a pic of us in front of the OfferMobi sign once I snag it from his facebook…

Oh, who am I kidding. I update this blog maybe once every 3 months…You’d better just go check it out on facebook.

Anyway, as the title of this post states, someone in the Allstate marketing department really should be fired.

Was taking the BART from SFO to OAK to pick up the car (wife flew out after me from a different airport & gets back later tonight), when I saw this advertisement.

(If you’re not familiar with the BART, it’s the “Bay Area Rapid Transit” – the train system that connects San Francisco with the East Bay).

Really? Philadelphia? WTF?

I don’t want to get anyone in trouble, but COME ON!

I think I’ll create a facebook page for marketing failures. This will be my first post there. I invite you to post your own marketing failures. It’ll be fun.

(Will let you know when it’s all set up).

Looking forward to your comments on this one…


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