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Putting The IM Puzzle Together…12.02.10

I’ve been thinking lately about SIBs – Serial Information Buyers.

SIBs always buy the latest product, tool, webinar series…class..
They read the sales letter and think that just by paying out a sum of money
they will get rich.

They forget that it takes WORK to make money – online or other.

Just not the same type of work you might expect to do.

So I’ve been thinking, for a long time, that just about every product out there
has some serious potential.  It’s just that people don’t actually USE it.

Like right now, I’m teaching Howie’s Apprentice (just started, so you can still
get in
if you’re interested.  Just note that it’s a $2,000 ticket).

That’s another sad example.

Howie’s Apprentice is the course that allowed me to quit my job.
But not really.

It gave me the knowledge, the confidence and the ability to quit my job.
Then, I actually had to take massive action.

And when I did, I was able to up and leave.  Say bye bye to the students
and the other teachers.

Hand in that letter of resignation a week before the start of the new
school year.

A teacher who used to give me hell had the nerve to send me an email
and tell me they really missed me in the ESL department.

As it turns out, she was covering a class at the Middle School across
the street that I would have had to teach.  So she didn’t really miss ME –
she just didn’t want to do the work I would have done…

What’s really sad is that so many other people took the course –
paid their $2k –
And then did NOTHING with it.  Just went off to buy another
expensive course, probably.

It’s all about work, and taking action.

Actually, there’s something before that too.  You have to UNDERSTAND
how money is made online.  And it’s no simple task – there are hundreds of

But they all hinge on a few simple principles.

And when you understand these principles, you can start to see where you
fit into the “make money from home” world.

And that’s when you can take all those courses, and tools, and products…
and actually put them together in a way that works.  That makes money.

So I’ve been thinking that it’s time to help people see the roadmap.  Their
own personal “make money online” roadmap.  How can you, with your
current knowledge, with your currect arsenal, build yourself a machine
that makes money on the web?

But not only that –

It’s also about your INTERESTS.  What you like, what you enjoy…

And for some people, it’s about their WHY.  Why they’re doing what
they’re doing.

So…I’m putting together a course, just for that.  Just for the SIBs who are
done spending their money uselessly.  They’re ready to put things to use.

Ready to make money online, actually DO internet marketing.

If that’s you, or if you know someone who needs that….

Just sign up for pre-notification on my website here:

I’ll email you and let you know when it’s ready.

Always open to comments & seeing what you think.

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