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Enormous List of Places to Run Traffic (ad networks)04.10.11

I had a nice conversation with my good friend Donovan Kovar the other day.

We spoke a little about paid traffic sources…and I thought it would be nice to share this huge list with you.

(HINT: you may want to bookmark this blog post…)

Poke around these websites and see if you can discover a new traffic source for your marketing campaigns.

Advertising on the web…

Ones I’m using currently:


Of course, don’t forget a CPA offer can be a large source of traffic that OTHERS optimize for you…you just have to know what it backs out at for you.

…and there are always Listbuilders:

and you can always place banner on sites in your niche…
(for instance, I like for bizopp stuff)

And finally, check out this enormous list someone put together:

…and Gauher Chaudhry provides a nice list as well:

By the way, if you want to try mobile marketing…(talk to me first):

Ones I use regularly:


And check out this blog post:

Hope that helps!



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Residual Income Through ClickBank04.08.11

I’m a big fan of residual income.

Do the work once, and watch the money come in month after month.

There’s always going to be a percentage of people that discontinue their subscriptions –
But when you add up the ones that stay with the ones you generate the following month…

The earnings really start to add up.

There are many ways to create residual income.
For instance, there’s MLM (network marketing).

Build a team, teach them how to build theirs…and before you know it you’re making money in your sleep.

But that takes a substantial amount of work.

You’ve got to train others, talk on the phone…use a little bit of psychology, a whole lot of selling…

And to be honest with you, it’s not for everybody.

There’s also list building.

Create a squeeze page, drive traffic to it, build a list, and email them offers…

And that’s work too. You need the technical know-how, the promotion strategies…

There’s CPA (or mobile CPA) – which a lot of you know me for.

You set up a campaign, track and optimize…get it running steady…a little tweaking here and there…and before you know it, you’ve got a consistent source of income.

Well – until something changes 😉

And then there’s ClickBank.

Clickbank is a huge marketplace of digital products.

Ebooks, videos, courses…you name it, if it can be delivered via the web – they’ve got it!

Now, most Clickbank sales are one-time sales.

You set up a web page…place a banner on it…and when someone lands on your page, clicks the banner and purchases, you make a commission.

But there’s another class of Clickbank products out there.

These are products with memberships – or subscription services.

Think of these like magazines – they keep sending members content month after month,
and people who like the content continue to pay month after month.

And if you made the original sale? You get the repeat commission – month after month after month.

While looking around the ClickBank marketplace the other day, I stumbled across a different kind of offer.

For most Clickbank offers, to make sales, you need to know how to promote – how to set up a web page, how to send people to it…

But this Clickbank product is actually a membership site for its affiliates!

They take you step by step through the process of promoting their offer.
They call it “90 days to $100k.”

Pretty catchy 😉

Anyway, I liked the product, so I joined & started promoting it.

First week results: 7 sales.

Not too shabby!

(hint: that’s $385 / month from one week of work).

And whenever I come across something I like…well, I like to share it with YOU!

So here it is: CB Success Club

And if you need any help at all making your first few sales, all you gotta do is reach out to me.

Let the residual income begin!

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Good Business Coach – Jillian Davis04.05.11

You may have noticed a few changes in my ‘standard operating procedures’ lately.

Those changes are largely the result of work I’ve done with Jillian, my business coach.

So when I recorded a testimonial for her, I figured you would probably want to see it 🙂


Video Coming in a few minutes 🙂

I originally met Jillian at one of Ryan Lee’s events (Continuity Summit). She later contacted me to offer me coaching…

I said yes, and it was the best decision I have ever made for my business.

Usually, I’d just email her the video, or post it on YouTube, and call it a day…but I felt that she deserved a bit more. So I’m placing her here, on the blog, for all of you to see.

If your business isn’t making you happy…a few sessions with Jillian should do the trick.

You can find Jillian at

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