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Saving Time02.15.12

Do you find yourself watching a lot of online videos?

Four years ago, when I started my online business, I spent a lot of time taking various online courses, trying to learn new skills and apply them.

Three years ago, when my business replaced my job income, and I quit teaching High School, I had a lot more time on my hands – and I mostly spent it doing the same:

Downloading videos, trying to improve and learn new things…

Two and a half years ago, when teaching online courses became my main bread&butter, I found myself spending even MORE time going through videos.

I was researching the competition, reviewing materials…Basically trying to get the best information so that I could share it with my list and my paying members.

Two years ago, video sales letters became the “it” thing in marketing, and everybody and their mother started using really long video sales letters online.

At that point, I’d had enough! I mean, how much time can you really spend sitting in front of your computer, just watching someone talk? Watching the screen move?

YAWN…not another video!

To have a successful business, you’ve got to spend more time on ACTION and less time on LEARNING.

(Seriously, that’s one of the number one keys to growing your income).

And anyway, c’mon – I started my business so that I could spend more time doing OTHER things…know what I mean?

So I was really happy when I discovered MySpeed a few months ago.

MySpeed allows you to speed up online videos. These days, I watch most people’s videos at 2X. Some people (like one of my mentors, Howie Schwartz) talk slow…and I’ll watch them at 3X!

Those with a really heavy British accent get 1.7X or so…

Anyway, you get the picture. I’ve been able to save HUNDREDS of hours (and use them towards taking ACTION – or relaxing) by using this awesome tool.

So if you find yourself watching a lot of videos online, and you’d kind of like to get your life back…

Pick up a copy of MySpeed.

You can use it to go through my new List Building course (and learn how to build a list of 2047 in 29 minutes) in half the time.

It just launched today.

NOTE: The List Roadmap was unfortunately taken down by my business partner, who decided to step away from IM. Luckily, I backed up the course a few months prior. It’s now available for FREE to my current team members and business partners who work with me here.


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