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So I’m doing I did a webinar on Offervault on
how to set up an affiliate site from scratch.

(You can sign up for it watch the replay at Offervault.comit’s live this Tuesday night at 9pm Eastern just click on ‘Webinars’ at the top. And by the way, Offervault membership is free – just sign up if you’re not already on it).

Here’s the exact verbiage from the webinar

Getting on page 1 of the search results is crucial to making money with your blog.
Wordpress is a great platform for this purpose, but you need to know how to set it up properly to make it happen.
On this webinar, Liane Carmi will walk you through step by step, covering:
* Keyword Research
* Where to get your content
* Properly loading up the right articles
* A simple promotion plan that anyone can follow to get on Google Page 1
* Tips on monetizing with Adsense, Clickbank and more

And as part of that webinar, I’d like to offer you a FREE step-by-step PDF on how to set up your affiliate from scratch.

You’ll be able to grab this PDF and take off running.

Seriously – it’s going to include every single step you need to take in order to set up your affiliate site properly,
from niche selection, to keyword research, monetization…all the way to promotion.

I’ve left nothing out.

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2 new bonuses added. They are mailed out a few days after the first bonus.
1) Adsense PDF
2) Your personal path to online success PDF


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