1. MLM Business Opportunity Reviews
  2. I’ll Do The Research – So You Don’t Have To

    Dear Valued Reader,

    Ever been invited to join the latest MLM company? Received emails from a friend telling you about how incredible their new business opportunity is, and how it could make you rich? Don’t fall victim to the hype! Get the facts here:

    MLM Review Videos

    Come back every week for the latest MLM company review. I will try to hit on all the newer companies, as well as some of the oldies.

    Don’t want to wait? Get the video reviews AS SOON AS they are uploaded by subscribing to my YouTube channel and watching them here: MLM Review Videos.

  3. Copywriting Secrets
  4. …when you’re not sure what to say 😉

    Has this happened to you?

    When I first started in online marketing, I had NO IDEA what I needed to write about. And I’m not just talking about articles or blogs – I’m talking about what to write ANYWHERE. And even what to say in my videos. But Robert Bly’s book, The Copywriter’s Handbook, changed that for me.

    But it just so happens that not everybody likes to read…so here’s the basics, in video form:
    Copywriting Secrets Videos

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  5. How to Focus
  6. (for Home Business Owners)

    Do you ever have one of those days when you’re at the computer all day, but nothing seems to get done?  There’s always someone or something getting in your way, and even when there isn’t, you can’t seem to concentrate and get your work done?  

    This video series walks you through figuring out your external and internal distractions, and setting goals in a way that allows you to get more things done.  No more spending hours at the computer just “checking email!”

    How to Focus for Home Business Owners

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