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Posted in Random Stuff on Feb 17, 2013

A couple of months ago, I spent a few days getting a bunch of my most highly requested training courses into a membership site. These courses included:

My goal? To make these courses available free to my team members (those who work with me here). I figured it would just be too much trouble to create separate accounts in each course’s site…this would be a quick way to give someone access quickly.

Well – it turns out it was a good thing I did that.

This morning, while transferring one of my lists from aweber to list animal, I clicked to test a link, and realized the website for The List Roadmap had been taken down. YIKES! This is a course I spent several months creating, and ended up selling with the help of a friend who decided – without considering it might be nice to let me know – that he was stepping away from the IM game.

Well – now all my sites and autoresponders are updated, I’m happy to say – and I would love to give you access to all of these courses.

Only two of these are still available to the general public – MAP and IMBT – and two others, TLR and MLS, are completely gone.
Here’s what I hope you’ll learn from this series of courses:

  1. How to build a list on the web or on mobile
  2. How to rank your site on the web
  3. How to make money building someone else’s list as a mobile affiliate
  4. How to promote mobile apps for the iPhone and Android
  5. How to generate leads for an online business
  6. And probably a bunch more things 🙂

And here’s what to do to get them, free of charge:

STEP 1: Go here
STEP 2: Sign up
STEP 3: Call or email me and request access

Yep, that simple.


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