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Screen captures are a daily thing for me. They’re part of what I do online. I regularly snap “still shots” of portions of my browser or desktop, and often record walk-through videos that take anywhere from 30 seconds to 20 minutes – as well as webinars and meetings of up to 2 hours!

I use short videos to let my outsourcers know how to do something, step by step. I use screen shots to show my web designers what I’m expecting them to create, or to adjust. I also use them to show clients their rankings in Google. And I use video recording software to record, and edit training programs.

I use (and have used) a large variety of tools for these purposes.


  1. – record 5 minute videos. This is a web-based, java-based tool. Great for walking someone through…anything!
  2. Jing, from techsmith. This one’s going away soon, but is still available at the moment. You download & install it to your computer. On a PC, you get a little sun that pops up on top. On the mac, a little icon on your top bar that you can access to record or take screenshots any time. Videos are limited to 5 minutes, and you can upload them for free to a screencast account. Very similar in function to screenr.
  3. Any of the paid tools below, most of which have trial versions (for 30 days or so)!


  1. Jing, from techsmith. The upgraded version allows you to store more on, and also to download an MP4 version. But don’t pay for this – it’s going away soon!
  2. Snagit, from techsmith – this is the upgraded replacement to Jing. It costs $50 and in my opinion is well worth it! You can record any length videos, take screenshots, and also edit the screenshots by adding arrows, words, and more. This is my daily-use screen capture program. To edit videos, you can export them to Camtasia.
  3. Camtasia – also from Techsmith. I use a Mac, and have the Mac version. There is also a (much more expensive) PC version, which does a bit more. This is only if you’re really serious about your videos. You can record & edit videos of any length (for instance, an hour long webinar), cut/paste video or sound, add images, add text, create transitions & animations, and more! This is my go-to program for video editing, or the occasional recording of a PowerPoint presentation.
  4. ScreenFlow. This is a Mac-only product and is available in the Mac APP store. I often use ScreenFlow to record long webinars. It records the entire screen, and then allows you to cut out the portions you need. I never quite figured out how to edit effectively using ScreenFlow, so I generally record with it and edit later with Camtasia. The one feature ScreenFlow has that’s missing from Camtasia is the ability to record the computer’s audio. So when I’m doing webinars, it can record other people talking – not just me on my mic.

Of course, there are many more free & paid products out there – but these are the ones I personally use (or in the case of Jing, have used). On the PC, you’ll find other software as well – but being a Mac user for the last 10+ years, I’m simply not that familiar with it! I’ve also used iMovie in the past to edit videos, but that’s usually when I’ve needed to show my face on the screen!

Oh – almost forgot. On the Mac, you can also easily capture a screenshot of any portion of your screen by hitting Command-Shift-4, and then dragging the mouse over the area you want to capture. You’ll know you’ve got it when it turns into little crosshairs. You can hit ESC to cancel. The screen shot will show up on your desktop!

Do you have a free, or paid screen capture or video recording software you like to use? Post it in the comments below!


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Saving Time02.15.12

Do you find yourself watching a lot of online videos?

Four years ago, when I started my online business, I spent a lot of time taking various online courses, trying to learn new skills and apply them.

Three years ago, when my business replaced my job income, and I quit teaching High School, I had a lot more time on my hands – and I mostly spent it doing the same:

Downloading videos, trying to improve and learn new things…

Two and a half years ago, when teaching online courses became my main bread&butter, I found myself spending even MORE time going through videos.

I was researching the competition, reviewing materials…Basically trying to get the best information so that I could share it with my list and my paying members.

Two years ago, video sales letters became the “it” thing in marketing, and everybody and their mother started using really long video sales letters online.

At that point, I’d had enough! I mean, how much time can you really spend sitting in front of your computer, just watching someone talk? Watching the screen move?

YAWN…not another video!

To have a successful business, you’ve got to spend more time on ACTION and less time on LEARNING.

(Seriously, that’s one of the number one keys to growing your income).

And anyway, c’mon – I started my business so that I could spend more time doing OTHER things…know what I mean?

So I was really happy when I discovered MySpeed a few months ago.

MySpeed allows you to speed up online videos. These days, I watch most people’s videos at 2X. Some people (like one of my mentors, Howie Schwartz) talk slow…and I’ll watch them at 3X!

Those with a really heavy British accent get 1.7X or so…

Anyway, you get the picture. I’ve been able to save HUNDREDS of hours (and use them towards taking ACTION – or relaxing) by using this awesome tool.

So if you find yourself watching a lot of videos online, and you’d kind of like to get your life back…

Pick up a copy of MySpeed.

You can use it to go through my new List Building course (and learn how to build a list of 2047 in 29 minutes) in half the time.

It just launched today.

NOTE: The List Roadmap was unfortunately taken down by my business partner, who decided to step away from IM. Luckily, I backed up the course a few months prior. It’s now available for FREE to my current team members and business partners who work with me here.


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About Making Rice (Learning Internet Marketing)10.25.11

Seth Godin had this to say in a post 2 weeks ago:

First, make rice

Fledgling sushi chefs spend months (sometimes years) doing nothing but making the rice for the head chef.

If the rice isn’t right, it really doesn’t matter what else you do, you’re not going to be able to serve great sushi.

Most of the blogging and writing that goes on about marketing assumes that you already know how to make the rice. It assumes you understand copywriting and graphic design, that you’ve got experience in measuring direct response rates, that you’ve made hundreds of sales calls, have an innate empathy for what your customers want and think and that you know how to make a compelling case for what you believe.

Too often, we quickly jump ahead to the new thing, failing to get good enough at the important thing.

Which is precisely why I created this special offer.

Too many courses, ebooks & videos out there assume you already know the basics of internet marketing.

They provide you with advanced tactics that make millions of dollars – for someone else. Someone who already knows the basics.

Not this one.


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