Good CTR…or…How to Make Lots of Money…or…Don’t Advertise Here03.02.13

Most mobile ad networks don’t really give you much information about placements – meaning – you don’t know where your ad is showing. Even networks that DO allow you to see where you’re advertising end up putting your ad in the worst placements – until you catch them and put an end to it.

And here’s the thing about bad placements: they can have REALLY GOOD CTR (click-through rates).

Like today – when I downloaded an app called “My Baby Piano” so my 7 month old son Jacob could do…something with my phone other than put it in his mouth.

Cute app. There are three small buttons on the top left (obviously made for an adult’s fine touch) – keyboard, music and drums…and then one single scale, C to C, multi-colored, with smiley faces on top.

And while it’s nice-looking and cute…it’s flawed in two ways.

First, it’s obvious the developers didn’t spend much time making the app – or didn’t care enough to make it work right. There’s a large enough delay between your keystrokes and the sound that you can’t possibly play to the beat.

And second…there’s a little space at the top right where ADS keep rotating. Yep, ads. And if you know babies, you know what they do – they hit the screen. EVERYWHERE.

There's only one purpose here...and it's not to play music.

There’s only one purpose here…and it’s not to play music.

Good CTR (and no conversions).

And it’s obviously what the app was built for. So, here’s how to make lots of money really fast: build an app for babies, make it free, make it look cute, make it semi-functional (shouldn’t cost you more than $500 to get it made, just your time if you’re a programmer), and place ads on it.

Heck, place interstitial ads that pop up every few minutes. They’re guaranteed to get clicks (or rather, drool-handed).

I told Donna about my idea, and she thought for a second and said, “You know what? Someone should make an app that blocks certain keys on your phone from working.” (on my HTC Android phone, there are three touch-sensitive keys on the bottom).

But something like that means you have to CARE. You have to care enough to raise money and build the app. Or if you’re a programmer, you have to care enough to spend time building it.

The programmers of “My Baby Piano” obviously had other things in mind.

Not a bad idea, if you think about it.

But just don’t advertise there.

Got any ideas for a good baby app? 😉

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