American Express and Twitter, WTF, SMH02.19.13

Yesterday, I got one of those emails in my inbox that made my eyes go wide, eyebrows go up, mouth open wide and…what do they call that now? SMH? Yeah, definitely that.

Here’s the subject of the email:
Sync your Card to shop on Twitter with #AmexSync

…and the headline inside the email:
“Sync your eligible American Express Card with Twitter to purchase hot products with Tweets”

It goes on to explain the process…
1) Sync
2) Tweet special #hashtags (like #BuyXbox360Bundle or #BuyKindleFireHD)
3) Look for a response from @AmexSync with a confirmation #hashtag
4) Confirm by tweeting the confirmation #hashtag within 15 minutes…and the purchase is made.

I’ll admit that it’s a cool concept, but OH MY GOSH. Have you been to twitter lately? Just one glance at my direct messages, and it’s pretty darn clear that there’s a lot of hacking going on there. I get multiple messages every day asking if I “saw this picture of me.” Heck, my account was even hacked, TWICE, and someone posted all about how I was making hundreds of dollars a day filling out surveys. Yipee!

So I guess what I’m saying is…who the @#%! would connect a credit card – something I *think* would be kind of nice to keep secure – to a platform that’s notorious for being hacked?

Unless you’d like someone to order you an #XboxController or something…

Oh, by the way, looks like there are exactly 5 products you can purchase. SMH.

Available Products

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Twitter Stuck at 2000 Followers – Can’t Follow Any More People?06.06.09

Is your twitter stuck at 2000 followers, and you can’t follow any more people?

This is the number one complaint I’ve heard from new twitter users.  You want to gain more followers, and you get stuck at 2000…

So do you have to wait until the number of followers you have magically goes up to 2000?  Well, no.  Thankfully, there’s a really cool tool you can use to fix this problem.  

Watch the video for more information:

FYI, here’s the link in the video:

Did this help you with your twitter marketing?  Leave a comment & let me know! And if you really liked it, make sure you re-tweet & bookmark it!

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DK is a Street Performer (Case Study) – How To Rank On Page One of Google05.10.09

Recently, Howie Schwartz, internet marketing extraordinaire, decided to issue a challenge to members of the “90 Day Challenge.” Jimmy Davis and Dennis Karganilla (aka DK) run the challenge to help network marketers improve their sponsoring skills. Many members experience a complete turnaround in their businesses.  The challenge?  Rank on page one of Google, in as many spots as possible, for the keyword phrase:

DK is a Street Performer

So how does one go about ranking on page one of Google?  Especially with multiple listings?

Here are 4 things you can do RIGHT NOW to rank on the first page of Google for ANY keyword phrase:


Upload a video to YouTube.
Google owns YouTube.  So it’s no surprise that a video I uploaded there immediately showed up on the first page of Google.  Just make sure to include the keyword in the title and description, as well as the tags.

DK is a Street Performer YouTube

DK is a Street Performer on YouTube


Tweet about it!  Even before I started my marketing, there were exactly two results on the first page of Google for “DK is a Street Performer.”  Both were tweets sent out by two separate twitter users simply stating the keyword phrase.

DK is a Street Performer twitter

DK is a Street Performer on twitter


Do a Google search.  If you’re thinking to yourself, “what’s that gonna do?” consider this:
The things you see on the first page of Google are the things that rank well on Google.  So if you see a particular site on page one, you’ll probably want to use that same site to try and rank.  It’s that simple!


Take action!  …and don’t give up too fast.  Decide what you want to achieve (how many websites do you want to have on the first page of google?) and work at it until you get it.  And if you quit?  Someone else will do it.

Oh – and if you’re wondering how I’m doing with the challenge…
Here are a couple of screen shots taken this morning – and this is only the beginning;
do your own Google search & see how many of the sites lead you to ME 🙂

(all green checks are my sites)

DK is a Street Performer Google Page 1

DK is a Street Performer Google Page 1

DK is a Street Performer Google P1 bottom

DK is a Street Performer Google Page 1 bottom

DK is a Street Performer Google P2

DK is a Street Performer Google Page 2

So how did I learn all this? From the master, Howie Schwartz himself. If your business could use a little “ranking” on the first page of Google, then you NEED to take Howie’s Apprentice course.

Click here now to learn more about Howie’s Apprentice and make sure you sign up for more information!

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