Hi Liane,

I would like to express my gratitude for the webinars you have given on Offervault. Up until now I have been trying to figure out how this thing call the internet really works. Now I have it. You teach in a simple and easy style so someone can quickly catch on. Many thanks again. Maybe now I can start making money on the internet with affiliate offers.

-Ethel R.

I am really enjoying the Mobile Affiliates Profits training course and I am looking forward to practicing the knowledge that I will receive from the course. Liane did a wonderful job in her training videos.

-Bob S.

The first week I applied SEO to the site and I applied what I know from
regular web SEO using exactly what the instructor advised. Also I posted
some articles to a few directories to start backlinking and getting the site
up. It came from nowhere in the searches to today it has 5 spots out of 10
front page and 3 are videos.

-David B.

I joined Mobile Affiliate Profits/Offermobi about a week ago and I’ve been working my way through the excellent training that you have provided for us. Thanks for explaining everything so clearly.

-Andrew F.

The last Apprentice I paid for was no.5 and Liane was my project manager. The offer of the fourteen months of the Apprentice SYSTEM was made following App 5 (which was 1/ access to the project manager and 2/ the Apprentice tools). By far the biggest reason for me signing up was being able to stay in contact with Liane (in the letter I sent to Howie recently, I recommended that he paid her double whatever he was already paying her!).


I just finished listening to the webinar from last week and I really enjoyed your quickie meditation. What a great way to quiet the mind quickly and a great way of getting centered in the middle of the day.

-Pat S.

I signed up with Offermobi a long time and have just recently begun to promote offers. I purchased Mobile Affiliate profits and the Summit highlights extension was very impressed with [your] teaching style.

-Johnny M.

I have signed up for the Mobile Affiliate Profits training currently being offered, and plan to go through as much as I can this weekend. Liane is such a good trainer–I’m fired up!

-Susan D.

I just wanted to introduce myself as a new member of OfferMobi and thank you
for being my affiliate manager. Your training modules are fantastic, probably
the best training I have ever seen about CPA. You are a great teacher.

-Greg I.

I, together with my colleagues am very happy for the support you are giving to us. You have been a good teacher to us since the start of the project and I have learned lots from you. All the success that we have done is nothing without you guiding us towards the work. You have been a model of cooperation and team work. I am very thankful and I am looking forward working with you successfully.

Great thanks Liane

-Ernest C. (Virtual Assistant)

Just wanted to thank you on a great job you have done with Howie and Marks
Mobile affiliate launch/training…

I am going through the modules and as an experienced marketer
and sometimes scatterbrain, I have really found that you have a real
talent for transferring those concepts in a very effective and easily understood
fashion. Subjects such as split testing lend themselves to the mundane and
people might not get it…
You have really nailed it here…All the concepts you covered were clear, well defined
and I did not have one scatterbrain moment…

So thanks for your gift of teaching..
as well as just being a cool chick..

Keep up the good energy!


-Michael A.

I just watched your webinar you recorded as I wasn’t able to make it Saturday. I just wanted to say I
love the way you teach and I appreciate you putting training together like that.

-Derrick T.

Thanks for the super webinar.
I think it was good to hear the part about when it doesn’t fit your personality style.
I need to believe in what I am doing.

-Marguerite W.

Brilliant – I am now “BetterEducated”! – that is how I thought it worked but maybe did not express it very well.

Did you say you used to teach Elementary or Middle School? Maybe that is what grade I am at in Marketing>


-Lyn M.

I really want to thank you for arranging for this seminar.

I apologize that I can’t remember the name of the gal presenting.

But I tip my hat to her.

I have spent several thousand dollars on various systems, learning all kinds of techniques about the research process for keywords, etc.

I can’t tell you how difficult it is to watch others time and time again show examples of how-to-build-a-shed, how-to-lose-belly-fat, etc, etc. In oversaturated niches.

Her explanation was the easiest to understand. Especially because it was on the fly, with real live examples. The method and insight she uses. Phenomenal.

-Karen S.

Thanks Liane, I loved taking your training!

-Leigh N.

Thanks for all of your hard work as our Affiliate Manager. You were wonderful.

Hope that our paths will cross again in the near future!

Best of luck to you!

-Brian P.

I’m not just fluffing your pillows when I say…that was the BEST webinar I’ve ever attended, and I am a junkie.

-Erica J.

Hi Liane,
there was no one to share it with me right now so i am sharing it with you…i earned $ 4.00 with the psychic source ..this is my first earning online..this campaign i started the first day they started offermobi ..i just put 1 article in ezine article and one squidoo and one weebly site (shitty one) ..i completely forgot about it because i was focusing on std campaign…so i just went to offermobi account to check for edu offer and there i saw my first earning….i know its nothing but i was very happy that i am moving in a right direction…and i see the potential..i can kiss you right now
And as my teacher i thought you would be happy to hear it too…..
thank you..as always great advice and very easy to understand steps…

-Anuradha K.

Thank you, Liane!

That was an awesome webinar. Great information clearly presented.
What more can you ask for?

Have a wonderful weekend.

Warm regards,

-Cecil O.


“Whenever you have the opportunity to work with Liane, please, run up to her!”

-Aaron Alexandra Ngoh




“Liane has the patience and knowledge…to guide you in the right direction, step by step”

-Ligia Santiago



“…tremendous leadership…attention to detail…always willing to assist people”

-Mark Blomeley





“…wants to truly help other people”

-Larry Siedschlag



“…her feedback is just so pinpointed, and so practical, and just inspiring…”

-Shira G.




“She engaged me with wisdom, and with caring, and with warmth…”

-Stephanie F.



“…the next day, I had 2 top positions in Google!”

-Octavio U.



“Liane knows what it takes to take your business and skyrocket you to the top of the search engines…”

-Howie Schwartz

(more coming soon!)

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